The Wealth Revival Academy provides a system for creating, launching, and automating a profitable course or coaching program.

Create your life of freedom with your own digital products business.

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Welcome to the
Wealth Revival Academy

Create your life of freedom with your own digital products business.

The Wealth Revival Academy provides a system for creating, launching, and automating a profitable course or coaching program.

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Welcome to the
Wealth Revival Academy

Most of your day was spent working your 9-5, in a cubicle, for a boss you didn't even like. You barely got to see your kids as you dropped them off at daycare before work, and picked them up late after. You could never spent enough time with them because 

It doesn't have to be like that anymore.

You don't have to sacrifice time with your kids at the cost of "making it". Everyday people, just like you, are building digital product businesses with the very knowledge already in their heads, living an "integrated life".

But how? 

After nearly 5 years of doing this ourselves, we've put together the most streamlined yet comprehensive program there is on building your own digital products based business - The Wealth Revival Academy.

This takes all of the hard lessons learned, time invested, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, failures and successes, and puts them into a step-by-step system just for you, so YOU can take action right away.

You used to sacrifice everything.

It's no secret that running a business of any kind is hard, but it's easier than ever with the internet! So why do so many people think it's impossible and never actually try it? They just don't know what's possible. They THINK you need...

1. A huge following
2. A bunch of money for ads
3. 24/7 grind lifestyle
4. Some special secret certification

But that couldn't be further from the truth! You can actually make this happen with:

1. A small following
2. Never spending a dime on ads
3. A lifestyle where you spend more time with your kids than working
4. Your own experience

And we'll be teaching you exactly how to do it!

Why doesn't everyone do it?

What people are saying about Wealth Revival Academy

Check out these REAL student results, and these are just a few of the many!

Melissa & Brad from 
Sweet Spot Marketing

  • Hit six-figures within 6 months
  • Tripled her previous course income through WRA evergreen funnel
  • Is able to make a full-time income as a stay-at-home mom with her husband
  • Spends just a few hours a week working on her program 

Kathryn from
Now That We're a Family

  • Went from $0 to $70,000 in sales with less than 1,000 followers in less than 6 months with a brand new program
  • Tripled their previous income
  • Now working half the hours they were previously
  • Launched her first course, Good to be Creator with WRA
  • Enrolled over 215 students in her first launch
  • Has more security with her own product and her own income stream
  • Now leverages the WRA funnel and drives sales passively every day

Alex from
Good to be Creator

  • Wanted to stop solely relying on brand deals and affiliate income to take back control of her revenue streams
  • Earned 5 figures from first launch and has since gone evergreen, allowing her to make passive income while growing her brand online
  • Says "Every expectation has been thousands of times blow out of the water. I can’t shout from the rooftops enough! I could have never figured this out on my own. It is so mind blowing to me the amount of knowledge you guys have!"

Alexandra Beuter from
Influencer Launchpad

- $60k+ course re-launch
- Went from $7k - $35k+ passive income months once implementing the WRA Funnel
- 5x'd previous monthly course sales
- Listed WRA as "Top 5 purchases of 2021" on her podcast "Simple Farmhouse Life"

Lisa from
Farmhouse on Boone

The Wealth Revival Academy is designed to give you the step-by-step plan for running a semi-passive digital products based business.

We'll be covering things like niche ideation, offer design, viral social media strategy, non-sleazy sales tactics, copywriting, email strategies, evergreen funnels, and much, much more.

This is a proven system that we still use today and have taught to hundreds of students as well. If you're looking for a complete framework, this is it.

What will you learn?


Extensive training videos

Our biggest concern when enrolling in courses is that they won't cover everything needed to be successful - not here. We cover everything from A-Z in comprehensive video trainings, screen recordings, templates, worksheets and more.


Social Media Strategies

You need leads from somewhere, right? This isn't a program that just teaches you how to make a course, we'll teach you how to make it, find people to sell it to, sell it, and automate it - all with social media traffic at the forefront.


Story Sell Tactics

Just growing isn't enough, we need to SELL. Whether you're a sales noob or have been selling for decades, the truth is, selling online is DIFFERENT. People want to connect with you, emphasize with you, and learn from you because of your story.


Wealth Collective

Get accountability, learn from others that are ahead of you in your journey, network with other digital entrepreneurs in this journey alongside you and get bonus insights into our own live strategies every week in the Wealth Collective, our community.

With a clear path to success decision making becomes easier, you can gauge your progress, and honestly planning this kind of stuff is just fun! You'll learn so much about yourself as you draft the course that will help so many others!

Irresistible Offers

No one will buy what you have if it doesn't appeal to them. Learn how to craft an offer that people just can't say no to by looking at offer psychology, marketing strategies

Attracting Buyers on Social, Not Just Followers

Once you've figured out what you're going to sell and how you're going to sell it, it's time to put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard?) and start getting your social strategy going. We can't sell if we have no one to sell to right? 

Sales, Sales, Sales

We can't expect to make any money without actually selling! Selling on social takes a special balance of being aggressive while not overly aggressive and we'll walk you through every step of it. From your sales page copy to what to say in a launch, we got you covered.

Building Your Program

A course at it's core is pretty simple, but you want to create the best program that'll help all of your students get results in the most efficient way possible, so we'll help you do just that AND all the technical stuff.

Beyond your launch, going evergreen & more

By this time you should be launching your program, but there's so much more still to do if we want this to be a FREEDOM BUILDING BUSINESS.

What's actually taught?

Life Mapping & You

Start Learning Now

The Wealth Revival Academy has everything you'll need to launch and scale a profitable digital products business.

We'll cover topics like:
  • Niche discovery
  • Success Habits
  • What it Really Means to be an Influencer
  • Timeline to Success

  • Creating a New Paradigm
  • Life Mapping
  • Subniche Validation
We'll cover topics like:
  • The Offer Quadrant
  • Competitor Research
  • The Math Behind Your Offer

  • Courses vs Online Businesses
  • Outlining, Naming, & Pricing Your Program
  • Why Being Different is Better than Better
We'll cover topics like:
  • Priming Your Social Profiles
  • How to attract buyers and not followers
  • Viral Instagram Growth Strategies
  • Viral YouTube Growth Strategies

  • Why You Need to Be Using Email
  • Building Trust
  • Opt-ins and Automated Funnels
We'll cover topics like:
  • The Anatomy of an Online Course
  • How to Record Your Slides
  • Choosing a Teaching Platform
  • Getting Started with Kajabi

  • Setting Up Payment with Kajabi
  • Your Kajabi Site
  • Collecting Emails with Kajabi
  • The Psychology of the Student
We'll cover topics like:
  • The Psychology of Selling
  • How to Write Really Good Sales Page Copy
  • How to Overcome Objections
  • Crafting Bonuses

  • Optional High-Conversion DM Strategies
  • Messaging Case Studies
  • Automated IG DMs with Manychat
  • Launches, Webinars, & More!
We'll cover topics like:
  • Daily workflows for scaling your business
  • Gathering Testimonials
  • Facebook Groups & Communities
  • Podcasting

  • Optional High-Ticket Sales Transition
  • Coaching Add-ons
  • Increasing Demand
  • Expanding Your Offering

Your IG growth Course

Instagram is one is the best growth tools out there, but not just for growing a following. It’s an essential tool for growing your business and income as well. In this bonus course you’ll learn all of our IG growth strategies, posting schedules, how to position yourself as an authority on IG and more. This isn't your basic how-to course, if you want serious growth it's here!

Youtubepreneur Course: Growing With Video

We LOVE YouTube as a growth tool and traffic driving machine. It’s what we first built my brand on and still use today. You’ll learn the what it takes to not only build an successful channel but how to drive income with it. It’s the same program with over 700 happy students, many of which have also built courses too!

Million Dollar Newsletter Email Course

Email is often forgotten. And what happens when you forget email? Hundreds of thousands, even potentially millions are left sitting around. In this email course we'll teach you why you need a newsletter, how to set up one, and how to use it to not only build trust and authority with your audience, but also build passive income with one of the highest converting traffic sources there is.

Six Figure Funnel System

This is the secret to passive income, right here. Our social media sales funnel has literally driven hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales passively not just for us, but for a ton of our students as well. 

Six Figure Funnel will walk you through all the steps to creating and launching an evergreen funnel, whether you're running a course or coaching program. Trust us, this isn't something you want to skip.

Everyone loves bonuses, here's what you get when you enroll!

Chats to Sales

One of the MOST underutilized strategies available to a creator is messaging. Direct messages with followers and potential buyers can literally 2x-5x a business, but how do you make it happen in a tasteful, scalable way?

Learn exactly how we do this with our Chats to Sales automation strategy


If you want direct coaching, this is it. From the moment you enroll, for 30 days you'll get FREE access to our Accelerator and Accelerator Calls, where we answer all of our students questions directly in our group coaching community, give live feedback, review social strategies and more. It's seriously the most value packed 30 days you can get.

High-Ticket Sales

There are SO MANY ways to make money online. One of the most lucrative ways we've learned and mastered is high-ticket sales. Rather than selling via a sales page, this is selling over the phone or Zoom, and for prices like $2k, $5k, even $10k+! This isn't required, but could be an awesome way to diversify your offer.

Wealth Collective

When you enroll you'll get access to the Wealth Collective. This is where we share our insider secrets weekly with our students, talk about strategies we're testing, results and more. It's also  where other like-minded creators and entrepreneurs share their wins, lessons learned, struggles, and work to collaborate with others for 12 months. Students from all different skill levels are here so it's a great place to connect!

Member Audits

Doug & Hayley will audit member's online businesses, whether it's their social, offer, funnels etc, and you'll get the chance to be one of them! You'll also get all the recordings to keep as a bonus to learn and study from.

Who is this for?

You're a good fit for this if:

✅ You're tired of your 9-5 and would rather be working for yourself on your own time
✅ You're ready to put in the work because this is a tool and won't do the work for you
✅ You are an action taker and you're willing to do the work no one else is
✅ You know that there is no failure as long as you don't give up

But it's not for everyone. You might want to wait if:

❌ You're comfortable where you are and aren't desperate for success
❌ You expect us to do all the thinking for you 
❌ You aren't willing to learn, adapt, and overcome
❌ You're expecting that just by buying this program, you're guaranteed success

Ready to join?

Wealth Revival Academy


  • The WRA Framework - 30+ Hours Of Video Lessons, templates, scripts, homework. All the teaching material you need in order to execute and start and scale your own online business, freeing up your time and life to do what you want with it

Enroll Now

  • How to find the perfect niche for you, your goals & your lifestyle
  • Crafting an insatiable offer that practically sells itself
  • Viral growth strategies to help you build a movement and find your target market
  • Copywriting templates to help write high-converting sales pages, scripts and more
  • Tech trainings and screen recordings to prevent tech overwhelm
  • Launch strategies covering everything from social to email and more
  • Evergreen strategies for after you've launched and are ready for passive income
  • Ethical sales systems to sell in a non-sleazy, genuine way that makes people love you

  • Lifetime Access - Get lifetime access to the course, bonus materials, strategies and everything else included in the Wealth Revival Academy
  • YouTubepreneur (Bonus Course) - Our entire course on growing and monetizing a YouTube channel, is which a perfect way to find potential leads and customers and build passive lead flow
  • Insta-Impact (Bonus Course) - Learn to not only build a movement but also directly connect with people you can help, so we'll teach you how to go viral, build a following and monetize on the platform
  • Million Dollar Newsletter (Bonus Course) - Leverage email to remove dependency on a single platform and directly market to your audience
  • Six Figure Funnel Blueprint - Learn the passive income system all the major creators use to sell their products without actively having to sell a single thing
  • Chats to Passive Sales System - DMs are a game changing sales tactic, learn to automate 99% of the process to free up your time but increase your sales too
  • High-Ticket Sales Strategies - Learn how to book calls and sell programs for $2k, $5k and more via Zoom or over the phone with our optional high-ticket sales strategies. 

  • Accelerator Access - Get 30 days of FREE access to the Wealth Revival Accelerator, the private, high-level group coaching program that all the top students use to get direct feedback from us on everything from social media posts to sales page reviews and more
  • Wealth Collective Access - Join the Wealth Collective, our exclusive student community, which is more than just a place to hang out

  • Get accountability for yourself and others who are at the same stage as you are
  • Collaborate with others in similar niches and industries to help grow each other's businesses
  • Get crucial feedback on all aspects of your business like social media, sales and more
  • BONUS - Access to Weekly Student Audits, where Hayley & Doug audit one member a week (could be you!)
  • BONUS - Access to the results of Hayley & Doug's latest testing, experiments and learnings to keep you ahead of the curve on everything digital

Looking for MORE coaching? Join the Accelerator!

Apply Here

Get everything above PLUS 12 months of direct coaching from us and our team:
  • 12 Months access to our Wealth Revival Accelerator Coaching Community for access to our team to ask questions about social media, sales, tech, copywriting and more
  • 1:1 Onboarding Call to layout a potential pathway to building your own version of the American Dream
  • Monthly Group Q&A Calls with Hayley & Doug. These are live calls, come ready with your questions
  • 1:1 Accountability check-ins with a member of the WRA team
  • 12 Months Access to the Accelerator student dedicated support inbox. We get a lot of emails, you get the skip the line

We're parents of four and former 8-5ers turned entrepreneurs.  Things took a turn when we discovered a new path to financial independence and more quality time with our loved ones. Now, we're here to share our journey and help you do the same!

Most people believe that you need to be some big guru, grind it out for 18 hours a day to make income online, we're here to prove otherwise.

We wish someone had shown us this back when we were starting out – a genuine and sustainable approach that doesn't rely on waiting around for brand deals and trying to go viral...or selling physical products on Amazon and investing thousands.

So, we're here to be that person for you. Having already helped over a thousand students find their path to online success, we're excited to walk alongside you on this journey of change. No gimmicks, just real people helping other real people.

Let's build a life that's fulfilling, where you can work on your own terms and have more precious moments with your family. We're living proof that anyone can do it, and we can't wait to see you achieve your dreams too.

Join us, and together, let's create a different life – one that brings more freedom and joy to your everyday."

Hi, we're Hayley & Doug!

Here are a few more people that used what they learned in WRA and their results!

- Went from stay-at-home mom making $0 for 10+ years to making a full-time monthly salary in just 3 months in WRA
- Now has time to homeschool her kids and only work a few hours a week and scale her income
- Went from 0-12,000 followers+ on Instagram with WRA growth tactics

Leigh from
Little by Little Homeschool

- $40k+ months with WRA system
- Tripled monthly course sales with WRA funnel
- Multi six-figure creator with courses, NOT brand deals
- Reduced time spent on social and instead sells using the ICA automated sales funnel for all products

Jessica from 
Nurtured First

*Disclaimer:  They are testimonials from their own personal experiences and should not be considered as a guarantee. We want nothing more than for our clients to succeed but unfortunately, we can't guarantee that individuals will actually do the hard work necessary to become successful. Joining this program doesn't guarantee anything.

Shannon from
Virtual Career Academy

- Landed first sale in under 60 days with less than 600 followers
- In less than 6 months has generated enough consistent revenue to replace part of her business

- "After working with you, I had my first five figure month. I never thought that was possible!"
-Wanted to make passive income through her offerings vs have up and down months creating and selling multiple products
-Says creating courses is the best income stream as a mother of 5 who wants to spend quality time with her kids

Jess from
Silo and Sage

- First year she had a $40k launch with less than 1,000 followers
- Since this interview, Casey has hit $100k with less than 6,000 followers

Casey from 
Brick by Brick Wealth

- Was looking to get her time back from brand deals
- Went from ZERO to a full time income with online courses in under a year
- Can spend more time with her kids and less time creating content as an influencer because of online courses

Angela Braniff 
This Gathered Nest

- Needed direction to move from endless launches to a more defined strategy
- Hit $30k with first WRA launch
- Started a brand new program and hit a $60k month with high-ticket sales
- Doesn't teach how to start a business

Benny Wills

- Needed to make a change in his life to spend more time with kids and less on the business
- Hit nearly $30k within 4 weeks of launching with no prior course experience
- Started consulting social accounts from ZERO

Colton Simmons

You've got questions, we've got answers

Q: Do I need a huge audience to make money online?

A: Absolutely not! The majority of the people we work with right now start their accounts upon working with us. I'm sure you're reading this and thinking "Yeah right! With little to no following, that's impossible!" Well, we make the impossible happen. WRA's strategies are not based on the number of followers, but quality of potential customers. When you start seeing it that way, 100 potential customers sounds way better than 100 followers, right?

Q: Should I focus on growing my audience before starting an online course?

A: To be transparent with you, this was one of the most costly mistakes I made as an influencer. I assumed I needed a huge audience, so I put off pursuing courses for a year and little did I know, I could have been profiting that entire time, but because of my fear and false beliefs, I put it off. The majority of our students now have small to mid sized audiences and are hitting income goals bigger influencers can only dream of.

Q: I'm not an expert and I don't have a certification, why would anyone believe me?

A: This is a hilarious assumption that will cost you so much $$$ if you believe this lie. Right now we have students who aren't certified, haven't finished college, and have relatively small social presences that are making more than influencers who rely on brand deals with large accounts. Why and how?? Because they start selling their products from DAY ONE. They didn't wait to feel "good enough" to start helping and teaching others. They simply just teach one step ahead of where their audience is at! 

Q: What if I have no idea what I want to do?

A: WRA is designed to help you ideate based on your goals. If you don't have any idea of what you want to do, or you decide to change your mind, that's ok! WRA will help you find the most profitable idea that fits your lifestyle. We've helped students with NO starting idea, no course experience, no social experience or anything land $1,000+ sales!

Q: How much money do I need to spend on ads to make this work?

A: You have to spend the huge amount of $0.00 on ads in order to make this work. Yes, that's right, you don't have to spend a thing on it. This program was designed to work without ads, and ads CAN be used to supplement your strategy but they are NOT required.

Q: Is this actually better than brand deals?

A: I mean, we think so. You get to choose your own price, don't have to get your posts approved by anyone, you're promoting your own product, you keep 100% of the profits you generate, a brand can't bail on you last minute - ya, we think it's better than brand deals.

Q: Do I have to be a good salesman?

A: Nope! We're actually huge believers in "if you believe in your product, you'll be able to sell it!". Meaning, if you know it can change people's lives, it'll naturally sell through your excitement. But of course, we'll still actually walk you through how to sell your program, from the marketing and tech work even down to specific scripts for sales calls and social media posts.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: After helping so many students launch successful online businesses, and spending literally over $150k on mentors and other courses, we're pretty confident that WRA works. The only thing we can't control is whether YOU do the work or not. Because of past success of other students and we only want serious people who are willing to put in the work to change their life, we don't offer refunds anymore, but we're more than happy to answer any questions you have prior to committing to changing your life with WRA. Just shoot an email to

Q: Is this like an MLM or something?

A: Nope! This is just an online course program that's mean to teach you how to change your life. We don't have any royalties, commissions, take a percentage of sales, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with network marketing, but that just isn't how we work with WRA. 

Q: How long will I have access to the program?

A: You'll get lifetime access to the course material!

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes we do! Be sure to check out the payment plan options and if you need something more suitable to your situation, email

Not sure if you can? They did, and so can you!

Check out these REAL student results, and these are just a few of the many!

- Over $40,000 in course sales within 30 days
- No longer has to rely on brand deals
- Quit her 9-5

Amanda from
Strawberry Chic

- Replaced spouse's income within 4 months
- Enrolled over 600 students in first launch
- Created evergreen funnel that pays them passively

Philip from
Boelter Design Co.

- Over $20,000 in course sales with WRA automated sales funnel
- Retired husband & replaced his income through WRA evergreen funnel

Laura from 
Our Oily House

Paulina from
Bridal Biz Lab

- Lands $2000+ coaching clients with 300 followers on IG
- Applied her real life experience directly to an online program

Kathleen from
Lil Piece of Hart

- Tried making money on social media for years, joined WRA and switched her focus to online courses
- Spent years building online following to 14k+, but still couldn't hit income goals until she started selling online courses

Chrissy from
Confessions of a Girl Boss

- $10k months in under 30 days
- Quit her job and replaced income with course sales
- Made over $50k+ since starting

Michelle O'Malley

- Full-time working mom of 2 looking to bring in side income
- When the pandemic hit, she was furloughed at her job and needed something else
- Now she is a content creator and YT mentor 

  • Created an income from her new program in just 2 months of being in the program with less than 1,000 followers on Instagram alone
  • Only worked on her program during her children's naps + bedtime
  • Finally able to take a stress free vacation while still supporting her family's income by working online
  • Had no prior history of working with students and still onboards new members monthly!

Stephy from
Get Lean With Greens

  • Created an income from her new program in just 2 months of being in the program with less than 1,000 followers on Instagram alone
  • Only worked on her program during her children's naps + bedtime
  • Finally able to take a stress free vacation while still supporting her family's income by working online
  • Had no prior history of working with students and still onboards new members monthly!

Stephy from
Get Lean With Greens

Paulina from
Bridal Biz Lab

An open letter to those that are unsure...

Hi, Hayley here.

I totally understand where you're coming from, it's ok to be unsure at first. I was unsure as well when I joined my first big program (which was $18,000 by the way, and taught WAY LESS than WRA).

I'm going to be totally honest with you. The thing is, being unsure is a scary place. It's a place where you'll always wonder "what if" and not be content with life. You'll keep asking yourself, "is this what I'm mean to do?" or "what if I did just give it a try". Those feelings of "what if" will drive a person crazy - I would know, they drove me crazy. 

It wasn't until I took a chance and did something totally different from the norm that I realized, things aren't so bad. They aren't so scary, especially if you have someone to help you out along the way. 

Think about the pros and cons: stay safe, don't try this but keep living the life you're still living OR take a calculated chance with someone that's done this literally hundreds of time and create the dream life you've always wanted.

Well? I'm ready for you inside!

Start Learning Now

welcome, friend