Everyone has a great course idea inside them, they just don't know it yet.

What course can you sell?

Oftentimes people assume that just because they aren’t an “expert” in something, aren’t certified, or don’t have some special degree that they are unqualified to sell an online course or coaching program.

That couldn't be further from the truth!

These assumptions are costing so many people thousands and thousands of dollars....just ask our students who are making thousands of dollars a month with tiny followings! 

Here are several hypothetical online course topics (and some real ones too!) to give you an idea of what you can succeed with. There are potentially hundreds of other topics that aren’t covered below, but this will give you a good idea of where to start based on your experiences!

These are SOME examples from actual students that took part in or are currently in Influencer Course Accelerator!

Real Student Examples: 

Bridal Biz Lab
Bridal Hair & Makeup

Alex Garza
Social Media

Kasey, The Agent Diaries
Real Estate Marketing

Abby, The Simplified Saver
FInances & Debt Help 

Leigh, Little by Little Homeschool
Homeschool Coaching

Léna Jegard
Architecture / Homebuilding

Chanel, A Werking mama
Natural birth coach & Doula

Tammy Dol 
Senior QA tester & Coach

YouTube Coach

Yana Shellman
Wedding Photography Coach

Ready to start your own course?

→ How to do sales or get better at selling
→ ​How to speak better, present better, be board-room-ready
→ How turn your job into your own business
​→ How to recruit, hire, train etc
​→ How to manage customers, CRMs, etc
​→ How to be a leader, manage a team
​→ How to start your own business
​→ How to do customer service
​→ How to do taxes, bookkeeping, payroll

If your niche is business...

→ How to cook for large families
→ How to meal prep to lose weight
→ How to become a chef
​→ How to master basic cooking techniques
​→ Living a plant based life
​→ How to grocery shop on a budget for a large family
​→ How to meal plan for $250 a month for a family of 5
​→ Intro to clean eating and nutrition
→ ​How to Cook to reverse and prevent heart disease

If your niche is cooking...

→ How to lose weight tracking macros/keto/intermittent fasting etc.
→ ​How to drop 30 lbs of body fat in 6 weeks through diet and exercise
​→ How to build self control and good habits
​→ How to live a plant based life
→ How to build a plan for lasting change
​→ How to positively impact your attitude towards working out
​→ How to lose weight and get the fitbody of your dreams
​→ How to become an online weight loss coach
→ How to shift your mindset around health
​→ How to identify your health goals, plan and put into action

If your niche is physical health...

→ How to navigate the transition from motherhood back to work
→ How to become an empowered, confident and in control mom
→ How to train your baby to sleep 10 hours a night
→ How to set up breastfeeding for success
​→ How to help busy moms find a balance
→ How to start a 6 figure business as a stay at home mom
→ How to prepare for life with a newborn
​→ How to take care of your physical and mental health postpartum
​→ How to become a successful and satisfied working mom

If your niche is motherhood...

Ready to start your own course?

→ How to care for a newborn
→ How to become a more confident parent
→ How to better understand why your child is acting a certain way
→ How to put an end to power struggles with your children
​→ How to sleep train your child
→ How to homeschool

If your niche is parenting...

→ Dealing with PTSD
→ How to get better at sports, coaching, etc
→ How to get jobs in specific sectors
→ How to raise house plants
​→ How to start a farm
→ How to form better habits
→ How to become a pilot
→ Launch an app
→ Make Sourdough bread
→ Twitter Marketing

Other course / coaching ideas...

With how the internet works today, you have the ability to reach anyone, anywhere in the world. Out of the 7+ Billion people in the world, there's someone out there that wants to learn what YOU already know - and they will pay you for it!

Basically no matter what your experience is or what you do... there's probably someone online that wants to learn it from YOU!

Ready to start your own course?

welcome, friend